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How to care for newly installed plants

Giving new plantings some attention is the key to long-term success.

Plants require approximately six weeks to establish new roots in soil. During this period, water as often as every 2-4 days, and at minimum, once per week. Beyond the initial establishment period, watering once per week should be sufficient, unless rain occurs. The easiest way to tell if plants require moisture is to check the soil around the roots. If the soil is moist, there's no need to water. If it's dry, give the soil a good soak.

During the initial growing season, keep an eye on plant depth to ensure the plant hasn't settled too low or is growing roots that are exposed above soil. If necessary, adjust plants to the proper level by correcting the amount of soil surrounding the plant.

Use tree stakes in wind prone areas, and maintain them for the first growing season. Ensure plant material isn't tied too tightly to the stake, and check regularly during the initial growing season.

Tree wrap should be used on young trees during the winter months as a measure to prevent possible damage. Wrap should be removed in spring and replaced in late fall, if needed, until the tree matures. Please don't use corrugated black drain tile for tree wrap — it attracts sunlight and radiates intense heat, which can damage and kill new trees.

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