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Snow Removal

Interested in our snow management services?
contact us for a complimentary quote. 

Protecting our natural resources is important to us. Each season we work to make our snow removal operations safe and sustainable. While our top priority will always be maintaining safe conditions for pedestrians and motorists, environmental stewardship is a core value at South Central Landscapes. Through conservation efforts and sustainable salt usage practices, we aim to be a responsible part of the solution in protecting our ecosystem. 

We're proud to be a Wisconsin Salt Wise Certified Contractor.


We currently serve the following markets:​

  • Cambridge

  • Lake Ripley

  • Oakland

  • Deerfield 

  • Fort Atkinson (commercial only)

  • Fitchburg (commercial only)

  • Madison (commercial only)

Our current geographic service area for snow removal is primarily located around the radius where we are based. We continually seek to expand as our workforce allows. At the moment we are unable to serve new markets as we focus on providing reliable and quality service to our current clients. If you are interested in snow removal but are located outside of our current service zone, we welcome hearing from you. Your input assists in our plans for expansion. 

About our Snow Management Program:​

Snow removal, salting and snow relocation services.

  • Seasonal Contracts: We do not have the ability to provide one-time snow removal service. Residential clients are contracted per season. Multi-year contracts available for commercial accounts.  ​

  • Billing: Snow removal and salting service is billed on a per-occasion basis (i.e. "per push"). Snow relocation is typically billed on an hourly basis as requested. Itemized invoices are sent monthly with the ability to pay online.​


  • Accumulation Threshold: Service is provided based on your selected accumulation threshold of either zero tolerance or 1". We'll begin plowing once snowfall meets or exceeds the selected trigger.

  • Service Timing: Our routes take on average 12-14 hours to complete. Many commercial and multi-family properties are on dedicated commercial-only routes. Extended timelines possible for heavy snowfall. Please note: Commercial properties receive priority service timing and will be plowed before single family residences.

  • Properties may have driveways/parking lots and sidewalks cleared by two different crews at two different times depending on storm logistics. Our two-crew model is frequently deployed on our commercial routes. 

  • Commercial accounts have a single, dedicated point of contact who is authorized to make changes on behalf of the account. Commercial tenants or association homeowners should direct all service requests to the point of contact for property maintenance. It is our policy that our snow removal drivers are unable to make service changes upon request by individual tenants on their route. Requests must come through the point of contact. We appreciate your understanding.

  • Contact Us: Support staff is on-call and available 24/7 during snow events. Email monitored around-the-clock and is our preferred method of communication during snowfalls, as this provides us with the opportunity to review your inquiry and check in with our drivers or management before getting back to you with the most up-to-date, accurate response. Our email is We can also be reached via phone at (608) 225-3373.

Thank you for your interest in South Central Landscapes.

We appreciate the opportunity to earn your snow management business. 

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